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Don't you think, it's really stupid, when you try do to your best with taking pictures, edit them, upload and then just get an ton of fav's but not one single comment? I mean, its nice when someone favorite my Pictures, but where's the feedback? I really want to know what you're thinking of my picture. How's the lightning, what's good, what's bad. I mean, why do I even try do make the best out of them and then I only get favorites? I want some critique, what can I make better the next time and stuff.
I bet a lot of people think about that like I do.
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Alohaa ~
Long time no see. Its been ages since i wrote in here. Anyways, heh.
Finally it's summer. More or less. One Month ago we had such a heat in here, i'm lucky that i'm still alive and didn't die because of the heat. Now when its sunny, you can be sure that there will be a T-Storm in the evening. Anyways. This Summer will be my last summer with freetime. In September i'll start a training as Businesswoman. Not really the Job i dreamed of, but oh well. :)
Therefor i want to travel all over Baden-Württemberg or and Germany. We got some Tickets for travelling for free trough Baden-Württemberg and i guess :icontazi-chan: and me gonna run all over there and taking pictures. I really hope i can go to Cologne, because i love this City more than anything else. Its like my second home and (i really hope after my training) my home in future. And yeah.. I went to Vienna for a week to some friends who study there, also i took some beautiful pictures and maybe i'm gonna upload them.
I'm studying for my driving lesson exam and i'm totally scared, because i don't think i pass the exams, i'll be to nervous. :/
Wish me luck! :)
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Hey :)
Yesterday FINALLY it was snowing here for the first time in this year :D I really like the icy air when snow falls, you know what i mean? XD

Well, my Parents told me that i can have for Christmas a reflex/bridge camera and i can choose which camera i want. But now theres the Problem: Which Camera? I was thinking about a Canon Powershot S5 IS, because it has 12-fold optical Zoom and 8MP, but there is no Flashlight :/ Then i was thinking about Canon PowerShot SX10 IS, who got some really cool effects and stuff, and some Sony Reflex Camera. I forgot what modell it was :/

Well, i need your help.
Can you recommend me a cood reflex/bridge camera between 200 and 400 Euros? The thing is i don't want to fleece my parents, and want a camera for like 1.545 Euros. Probably there are good cameras who doesn't cost too much.
I would be more than happy if you help me finding a good camera :)
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Heyyy, now, i gues this is my first real entry. o_ô
Well then, lets start :D

First of all, i wanna thank you for all those fav's and comments. I really appreciate it, even i know i'm not the best Photograph. I try to make the best of the Pictures. As you see i take the most of my Pictures with my Cell Phone, because i haven't a good Camera, but i hope that will change really really soon :)

And yeaah. Tomorrow i'll drive to Thuringen, Germany. Eisenach, there where the Composer Bach was born :D He was a composer right? I haven't had Music in School for yeaars x.x
I'll take there a lots of pictures, this Town is so beautiful and i wanna capture that :D

Well, i hope some of you will watch me, i would be more than happy :)
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No word you say tonight
Can make this be alright
I'll help you follow through
Remember this?: pacta sunt servanda

... The wounds are too deep,
I need to keep the scars
to prove there was a time
When I loved something more than life
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Thanks for the 100 pageviews, i know it's not much, but still. I love every viewer o.o
I will upload more Pictures, so leave comments xP

Have a nice Day <3
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